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World of Trains


Application in Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, when a child is worried about an upcoming transition (e.g. moving up a grade at school, relocating to a new neighborhood, joining a football team.) the therapist can suggest, “Choose a card depicting a carriage that seems fit for traveling to far stations in the World of Trains”.

The child chooses a card and is then asked to describe what led him to choose that specific train carriage. The therapist can assist with questions such as: “Is there a specific object in that carriage that makes a journey to new places easier? In what way?”;” How do the colors of the card make you feel?”;” Which supportive people, animals, or creatures are fit to ride in this carriage?”; ”Where exactly inside this carriage would you like to be, if you were to embark on this journey?”;” Would you prefer to stand, lay down, or sit during the trip?”;”What is missing in this carriage?”;”Which engine is best for leading the carriage safely and happily?”.

The child can be invited to copy the card and draw its surroundings, to name the carriage or relate the first chapter of this carriage´s  journey.

Throughout this process, according to the content raised by the client, the therapeutic work takes place within the layers of reality (i.e. the client´s transition) , the layer of the imaginary (the carriage´s trip) or - in between them.