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The River cards

The set contains a deck of 60 projective cards

60 Projective River Cards

The pictures on the cards evoke a wide range of feelings and emotions which in turn encourage the client to raise and deal with issues from his/her inner world.

The River Guide Book

The guide book contains professional points of consideration for therapists using the cards as well as an encompassing list of suggestions for working with the cards in settings of:

   - Individual Therapy

   - Marital/Family Therapy

   - Group Therapy

The suggestions for working with the cards are specified according to the  relevant themes, needs and possibilities embedded in each of these settings.

Includes supplementary follow-up tables, for recording the clients' usage and choices of cards in the different settings of treatment.

The River guide book cover

A Metaphorical Story

"The River" metaphorical story deals with a relationship between a person and a river; advancing, side by side, towards the future. They face and cope with changes of time and space along the way. As in life; the bridge, the new steps taken along an unfamiliar bank and the endless sea awaiting - are all parts of the process.


The story comes to enrich the therapeutic work with the cards. It can be read separately or used in combination with the cards.

"With its waters my years passed, and from behind, I heard my memories and listened. I listened inside, until there was nothing left but the voice of a drop joining another drop…"

(p.18 The River)

The River info
Projective Cards
Guide book

The River

The set was developed in order to facilitate and encourage therapeutic work on various processes in life (e.g. process of coping with illness/ death/ divorce/ relocation, ongoing phases in life/ career/ group/ rehab etc.).

The set is a unique tool for mental health professionals such as psychologists, social workers, expressive therapists, counsellors  family and marital therapists, therapeutic group instructors and supervisors. Professionals working in non-therapeutic settings can benefit from working with The River set as well. 

Metaphorical Story
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